Rescued: Foreign Exchange Student Found in Box Elder County After Cyber Kidnapping Suspicions

A foreign exchange student, reported missing from his Riverdale residence, has been found in Box Elder County, raising concerns of a potential cyber kidnapping.

Early Suspicions and Family’s Disturbing Report

Authorities were initially worried, suspecting the student was taken against his will.

The student’s family in China received a distressing photo and demands for money, prompting immediate police action and an urgent alert across Utah.

A foreign exchange student, previously reported missing from his Riverdale home, has been located in Box Elder County, and authorities now suspect it to be a case of cyber kidnapping:

Alarming Discovery and Ongoing Threats

Investigations revealed a distressing trend called cyber kidnapping.

This scheme involves threatening exchange students and their families for ransom, monitoring them through video calls, and demanding isolation.

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Rescue Effort and Student’s Safe Recovery

After a detailed search, Detective Sergeant Engstrom discovered the student alive but extremely cold and frightened inside a tent.

Following police intervention, the student expressed relief, only wanting to ensure his family’s safety and requested a comforting meal.

The investigation continues, with authorities urging prompt reporting of any cyber kidnapping threats to local law enforcement.

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