Rescue Operation: Over 90 Dogs Saved from Bedford County Residence

A concerning situation emerged at a home on Old Route 220 in Bedford when reports revealed more than 90 dogs were found on the property, prompting a rapid response from humane societies and the Pennsylvania State Police.

Multiple humane societies and Pennsylvania State Police responded to the scene of a home on Old Route 220 in Bedford where, reportedly, over 90 dogs were discovered to have been inside:

Police and Humane Societies Working Together

Approximately eight troopers and two investigators, along with various humane societies including those from Blair and Adams counties, swiftly arrived to assist.

Their collective goal was to manage and care for the numerous dogs discovered in packed kennels.

Worries About the Dogs’ Health

Joe Zolna, representing the Central PA Humane Society, expressed deep concern over the distressing sight of crowded kennels.

While most dogs appeared to be alive, their overall health and well-being remained uncertain, highlighting the pressing need for immediate care.

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Asking for Volunteers and Supplies

The Bedford County Humane Society urgently sought volunteers to aid in bathing the dogs the following morning.

They requested volunteers to gather at the shelter by 8 a.m. on Jan. 1, urging them to wear old clothing.

Additionally, the shelter appealed for donations of blankets, towels, and financial contributions to assist in caring for the dogs, directing potential donors to their website for monetary assistance.

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