Animal Cruelty Investigation: Washoe County Rescues 31 Animals

Washoe County Regional Animal Services launched an inquiry on October 16 in response to public concerns about animal welfare.

Concerns were raised due to potential animal cruelty, prompting officials to investigate further.

An animal cruelty investigation by Washoe County Regional Animal Services has resulted in the seizure of 31 animals:

Animals Rescued from Harsh Conditions, Owner Arrested

As a result of the inquiry, a warrant was issued to seize 26 dogs and five horses from a property.

These animals were discovered living in unfavorable physical and environmental circumstances, prompting their immediate removal for safety and well-being reasons.

Greta Anderson, the owner of the animals, was arrested on December 27.

Facing charges that include two felony counts related to intentional harm to animals and two misdemeanor counts for neglecting to provide adequate care, she awaits legal proceedings.

Here’s some news that’ll grab your attention for sure:

Ongoing Care by Regional Animal Services

Currently, Washoe County Regional Animal Services is providing the necessary care and attention to ensure the animals’ welfare.

Their commitment lies in rehabilitating and safeguarding these animals, emphasizing their health and recovery in a nurturing environment.

The authorities continue their efforts to ensure justice for the animals while upholding the standards of animal welfare in the community.

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