3% Pay Raise for Woodbury County Elected Officials, Board’s Recommendation

At the annual meeting of the Compensation Board of Woodbury County, which took place on Thursday evening, the main topic of discussion was to decide the amount of money that the elected officials of the county should receive in the following year.

A number of notable individuals, including Sheriff Chad Sheehan, Auditor Pat Gill, County Attorney James Loomis, Treasurer Tina Bertrand, and the five members of the Board of Supervisors, were included in this conversation over their respective wages.

The board’s recommendation will go in front of the board of supervisors for approval as part of the county’s budget process:

Everyone Agrees on 3% Raise

All the people at the meeting agreed that these leaders should get 3% more money next year.

But here’s the catch: these leaders don’t choose their own pay. There’s a group called the Compensation Board, made up of folks picked by these leaders, who suggest how much they should get.

Why They Suggest 3% More?

The head of the Compensation Board, Ryan Beardshear, said they lo00000ok at a few things before deciding.

They check how many people live in the county and see how much leaders in other places get paid.

Then, they suggest a number that’s kind of like what other counties do.

Take a moment to catch this news:

Last Year Had Bigger Raises

This year, they’re suggesting a smaller raise compared to last time.

Last year, Chad Sheehan got 22% more, the Board of Supervisors got 10% more, and the others got 7% more.

Next Step: Board of Supervisors Decides

Now, the suggestion goes to the Board of Supervisors to see if they agree. It’s part of the plan for how much money the county will spend next year.

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