Trae Tha Truth Saves Hundreds During Hurricane Ian: “We Need That Helping Hand at Some Other Time”

After helping with rescue and recovery efforts for five days on the coast of Florida, the person from Houston went home to rest.

Florida, United States —Trae Tha Truth, well-known for his disaster relief efforts, is at it again—this time in Florida. 
The person from Houston helped clean up after Hurricane Ian for many days and nights.

Trae Tha Truth remarked, “I believe that together, with all of us, we have performed around 300 rescues.”

On Monday, he and his relief gang returned to Houston to refuel after spending five days on the Florida coast, sleeping in their automobiles and working nonstop to assist with rescue and recovery efforts.

“We saved infants, the elderly, and crippled individuals of all ages. It has been a busy weekend, “Trae stated. “

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It is very unusual to see large ships flipped over like miniature boats. I must suggest that it will be quite some time before they return to normal.”

Trae Tha Truth in Houston

It is a sight with which he is all too familiar, since the rapper’s rescue operations started in Houston following Hurricane Harvey, prompting him to form the Relief Gang.

Trae’s Relief Gang supported Houstonians through COVID and the winter storm, in addition to Harvey.

He has also visited other areas hit by storms, including Florida and Louisiana.

“It is now hurricane season. What do we expect others to do when they are in our position? We will either anticipate assistance or need assistance, “Trae stated.

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“Therefore, as a representative of Houston, if I can go there and lend a helping hand and create an effect. We may need that hand of assistance in the future. Therefore, you must occasionally pay it forward, you know. “

While back in Houston, Trae said that he and his crew have partnered with Operation BBQ with the hopes of returning to Florida in the next days to give meals to those who are still picking up the pieces after Hurricane Irma.

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