Etowah County Sheriff Issues Alert on Social Media Scams

The Etowah County Sheriff’s Department issued a warning following the discovery of a misleading Facebook post.

The post showcased an image of an injured woman in a hospital bed, claiming she was a recent victim of a robbery and stabbing in Etowah County.

Sheriff Horton clarified that the image was dated back to 2016 and depicted a woman from an unrelated incident in Eutaw, Alabama.

Sheriff Horton’s Caution:

Sheriff Horton highlighted the deceptive nature of such posts, designed to capture attention and potentially harvest personal information.

He emphasized the adverse consequences, cautioning that engaging with or sharing such posts could compromise individuals’ privacy and unnecessarily burden law enforcement.

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Community Awareness:

Acknowledging the positive role of social media in disseminating information, Sheriff Horton urged vigilance.

He emphasized the post’s lack of association with the Sheriff’s Department and advised the public to exercise discretion when interacting with social media content to avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

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