Missing Hiker Found Alive: Rescue After 4 Days in Backcountry

Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies pulled off a daring rescue, saving a 65-year-old man from Arizona who was stuck in the backcountry for four days.

His vehicle had gotten trapped in a creek along a remote service road, leaving him stranded without essentials or any means of communication.

Winter Road Closures as a Savior:

The timely closure of roads by the U.S. Forest Service for the winter proved instrumental in the man’s rescue.

With the impending winter rains, these closures are common practice, rendering vast forest areas inaccessible, especially for vehicles not equipped for off-road journeys.

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Stranded Driver Alert Saves Man in Remote Rescue

A driver, stuck behind a freshly locked winter gate, alerted authorities about other vehicles still left behind.

Deputies ventured into the area and, about 10 miles from the highway, found the stranded man.

His condition was deteriorating, and with freezing temperatures looming, his survival was in serious jeopardy.

Rescuers swiftly brought him to safety and later retrieved his vehicle. Law enforcement advises against exploring closed roads and recommends using GPS devices and informing family about travel plans in remote areas for added safety.

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