Headline: Students Appear in Prince George’s County Court for Bringing Guns to School

Two kids were charged in recent court proceedings with bringing loaded guns into two different Prince George’s County high schools.

Keshawn Reeves, an 18-year-old senior at Flowers High School, appeared in court after being discovered on school premises with a loaded gun.

Following the discovery of the gun during a security check prompted by allegations of marijuana usage and his involvement in school fights, Reeves was jailed without bail.

Students Appear in Prince George's County Court for Bringing Guns to School
Students Appear in Prince George’s County Court for Bringing Guns to School

Concerns Arise Over School Safety

Another incidence with a 17-year-old Wise High School student charged as an adult for a similar violation worsened the matter.

Despite the presence of metal detectors at both Flowers and Wise High institutions, both students were able to enter their respective institutions through a side door.

Following previous gun-related occurrences, Prince George’s County Public Schools installed metal detectors this year.

Earlier this year, a previous incident resulted in the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old student, Jayda Medrano Moore, near Duval High School.

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Community Responses and Legal Outlook

Authorities emphasized the significance of school safety and asked students to seek help instead of resorting to guns if they felt threatened.

Reeves’ father spoke in court on his son’s integrity and voiced support for his son’s graduation plans.

While authorities continue to look into how the pistol was obtained, Reeves’ case is expected to resume in February.

These tragedies illustrate ongoing concerns about school safety, as well as the critical need for proactive actions to safeguard students and prevent similar incidents from occurring.

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