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While Visiting Relatives, a Woman Left Brain-Dead After Being Shot was the Subject of an Internet Dispute

A 29-year-old woman was shot in the neck while visiting her Brooklyn mother and became embroiled in a social media quarrel.

The woman was discovered bleeding outside 715 Dumont Ave. in East New York about 8:20 p.m. Sunday after a bullet travelled through her brain stem and lodged in her right cheek.

Police Report

Her family heard a gunshot and saw the woman lying on the ground outside their apartment building.

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Authorities say that at the time, the victim was staying with her mother and got involved in a fight her brother was having online with one of their mother’s former tenants.

A High-Ranking Source Claims

During the back-and-forth on social media, the brother reportedly got a threat, so the victim took her brother’s phone and kept the argument going.

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She then walked outdoors alone and was shot in a targeted attack.

Police suspect the shooter was the mother’s former renter. The culprit has yet to be identified or apprehended.

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