Bolingbrook Police Discover Chicago Woman Shot in Car

A woman was discovered shot to death in a vehicle in Bolingbrook, and police are still investigating the case.

After receiving a call about a strange vehicle, police in the 800 block of Poplar Lane located the vehicle 100 feet off the road, parked in a grassy area.

A 32-year-old woman from Chicago was located by police in the driver’s seat. She had been suffering from several gunshot wounds.

Lahoz Identified Body

Cristina Lahoz, a resident of Chicago, was recognised by police as the suspect. She tragically passed away there after being rushed to the hospital.

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Sabrina Franza of CBS 2 talked with several of Lahoz’s friends, who gushed over how much she was adored.

Julie Tobiasz said, “I would do anything for her.” “I’d gladly take a bullet for her. If only I’d been able to!”

As a close friend of Lahoz’s, Tobiasz was kind enough to provide CBS 2 with a snapshot of her at a recent holiday gathering.

At around 9:45 p.m. on Thursday, Lahoz was discovered in the driver’s seat of a vehicle in Poplar Park with several gunshot wounds.

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Some nearby residents saw a vehicle going in circles and reported it. On Friday afternoon, you could see the tyre tracks in the dirt and grass. At a dead end that leads to the park.

Attempted CPR, But Too Late

Bolingbrook law enforcement located Lahoz at the site and attempted CPR, but it was too late. A nearby hospital ruled her dead after receiving her body.

It was said of Lahoz by those closest to her that she was devoted, altruistic, and sociable. She was the manager of the local Dunkin’ Donuts for a long time and had a long-term relationship.

It’s tough since she was such a joy to work with. Was whatever happened to her really worth it? says Tobiasz. “Was it truly worth it to take her life?”

Anybody who knows anything, say Lahoz’s pals, please come forward. On Friday, cops were seen by CBS 2 at the location. So far, police have been unable to make any arrests.

We are asking that anybody with information call the Bolingbrook police at 630-226-8620.

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