Route 3 Shutdown in Billerica, After Multi-Vehicle Tanker Crash

A serious accident involving several vehicles, including a fuel tanker truck, has forced authorities to close Route 3 in both directions in Billerica. This incident occurred on a Wednesday morning.

Emergency Response: Troopers and Firefighters Called to the Scene

Around 10 a.m., Massachusetts State Police and Billerica firefighters rushed to the northbound section of Route 3 in response to the crash.

Tanker Truck Mishap: Thousands of Gallons of Fuel Involved

The crash included a tanker truck carrying “several thousand gallons of fuel,” according to authorities.

Total Shutdown: Traffic Diverted at Exits 76 and 79

Due to the severity of the situation, all lanes of Route 3, in both directions, were closed. Police directed northbound traffic to Exit 76 and southbound traffic to Exit 79.

Aerial View of Chaos: SKY7-HD Captures Aftermath

Around 10:30 a.m., SKY7-HD flew over the scene, revealing the tanker truck overturned and occupying three lanes along with the breakdown area. Fluid from the tanker continued to leak into the roadway’s median.

Uncertain Injuries: Authorities Yet to Confirm

As of now, authorities have not provided information on whether there were any injuries resulting from the crash. The situation is still unfolding.

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