Lake County and Statewide Unemployment increased in November

California experienced a slight a rise in joblessness in November, with the unemployment rate climbing to 4.9%.

Despite generating 9,300 jobs across various sectors, the state’s unemployment rate increased little from 4.1% a year ago to 4.1%.

The Unemployment Rate in Lake County Is Rising

Similarly, unemployment in Lake County increased from 5.7% in October to 6.1% in November.

This is the highest rate since March, when it hit 6.4%. In comparison, the rate in November 2022 was 5.3%, indicating a significant change year on year.

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Data on Economic Recovery and Claims

California’s steady recovery since April 2020 has been highlighted by the Employment Development Department (EDD), with an outstanding rise of over 3.2 million jobs.

This equates to around 75,360 new employment added per month, putting the state 485,900 jobs ahead of pre-pandemic levels.

November was the 11th month in a straight of job gain in 2023, continuing a favorable trend that began with losses in December of the previous year.

In addition, the EDD provided information on Unemployment Insurance claims. In November 2023, roughly 323,975 people received these payments, a modest reduction from the previous month’s total of 356,668 claimants.

Furthermore, the number of new claims processed fell to 37,594, suggesting a decrease from both October and November 2022.

This thorough study offers light on California’s employment situation, highlighting both statewide trends and regional developments in Lake County.

Despite challenges, the state’s slow recovery continues, albeit with monthly variations in unemployment rates and claim data.

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