Lake County Sheriff’s Office Issues Warning on Scam Calls

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has raised a red flag regarding a surge in scam phone calls where individuals claim as officers.

A recent Facebook post dated December 23 revealed a concerning trend wherein complaints flooded in about callers impersonating officers, specifically citing names like Lt. Miller and Dep. Dumont.

These calls allegedly centered on discussing warrants and various criminal matters, prompting the Sheriff’s Office to issue a cautionary advisory to residents.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office warns of scam phone calls:

Caution Urged: No Legitimate Agency Asks for Payment Over Phone

In their alert, authorities emphasized a crucial point, no legitimate law enforcement agency contacts individuals via phone to collect fines related to warrants or criminal issues.

This stark warning aimed to raise awareness and encourage skepticism towards such calls. Residents were strongly urged to verify the authenticity of any suspicious calls by contacting their local law enforcement agencies directly.

Check out these headline, it’s a must-read:

This move serves as a vital step in safeguarding the community against potential scams and fraudulent activities targeting unsuspecting individuals.

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