Inmate Fatality Following Stabbing Incident Inside Shelby County Jail!

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said that a man was stabbed on Thursday morning and died inside the Shelby County Jail.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, at about 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, an inmate at 201 Poplar was stabbed by another. The incident is being looked into. After being transported to Regional One Hospital in serious condition, he was subsequently declared deceased.

The Sheriff’s Office named the victim as 25-year-old Deion Byrd in the afternoon. Court documents state that Byrd was charged with aggravated assault, vehicular homicide, first-degree murder, and multiple other offenses following an incident in January.

Additionally, following the Memphis Police Department’s Operation Broken Bottles, he was arrested back in June on charges of business burglary, auto theft, theft from a motor vehicle, unauthorized possession, and possession of restricted firearms.

Detectives from the SCSO stated that they are looking into this event.

Since 2019, there have been 47 deaths in the Shelby County Jail. Critics of the criminal justice system in Memphis, including Decarcerate Memphis and the Justice & Safety Alliance, find this number offensive.

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According to Joshua Adams of JSA, what happened on Thursday is startling, and he believes not enough is being done to hold the Sheriff’s Department responsible. Rather than making a request, Adams is pleading with the county commissioners to intervene and regulate.

“I think that with the amount of people who have died in 201, I think there needs to be some policies put into place to make sure these deaths are being prevented.”

Decarcerate Memphis member Chase Madkins, who was housed at 201 Poplar, is also urging county and city authorities in Memphis to do more to improve the facility, citing Thursday’s events as an illustration of how awful things have gotten.

“I think it’s a reflection of the lack of care being offered to them by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department of Corrections and or the criminal justice system in general. I think we’re seeing an overflow, an overspill of trauma…just you know coming to a head,'” said Madkins.

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