Denver Police Apprehend Suspect In Fatal Motel Shooting!

In relation to a fatal shooting that occurred in a motel last month, Denver Police have detained a suspect.

In relation to the shooting of Jeramy Silleman, 34, on September 25 at the Regis Motel, situated at 8282 East Colfax Ave., at around 1:42 a.m., Tali Frazier, 29, was sought on suspicion of first-degree murder.

A few days later, on September 28, the city closed this same motel owing to criminal activity.

The city’s suspension order for the hotel states that on September 25, a homicide took place on the property when a hotel resident shot someone through their room door. Police did not disclose any details about the circumstances surrounding the incident, though.

The Regis Motel was the subject of the first summary suspension of a lodging operation by the City and County of Denver due to police reports of persistent criminal activity.

Since late July, police have been looking into drug-related matters. On September 24, they made multiple arrests at the motel on suspicion of a number of offenses, including:

Two people were arrested for suspected narcotics and firearm possession. A man was arrested for possession of a weapon by a previous offender and possession of a controlled substance. A woman was arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon.

 A woman was arrested on unrelated felony warrants. A woman who identified herself as the property manager was cited for operating without a lodging license.

For the most recent news, please take a look at the link provided below:

Just after 11 a.m. on Thursday, Frazier was named as a suspect by the police. They announced that he had been placed under arrest on Thursday night.

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