Man Sentenced To 68 Years For Killing 18-Year-Old Teen In Indianapolis!

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office announced on Oct. 27 that Derice Wilson had been sentenced to 68 years for the August 2021 murder of 18-year-old Michael Simmons.

On August 10, 2021, Simmons was shot at a petrol station located in the 7900 block of West 10th Street, on the west side of Indianapolis, just east of Country Club Road.

Court records state that IMPD detectives were able to get security footage that showed the shooting. Wilson could be seen getting out of his car and approaching Simmons in the video. Following their talk, Wilson can be seen shooting Simmons before taking off.

After being brought to a nearby hospital, Simmons passed on the next day. After being detained in Florida, Wilson was extradited to Indianapolis.

Before returning a guilty conviction in September, the jury pondered for almost forty-five minutes. Wilson was convicted guilty of killing Simmons and of possessing a firearm without a permit.

Yashika Clowers, the driver who took Wilson from Indiana to Florida following the incident, entered a guilty plea to level 5 felony of helping a criminal. She received a three-year sentence, all but one day of which was suspended. Years will pass while she is on probation.

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