Indianapolis Police Officer Injured And Suspect Dead In Eastside Gun Battle!

A police officer and suspect were injured in a shooting on the east side of Indianapolis Thursday. The shooting happened in the area of East 21st Street and North Shadeland Avenue shortly before 6 p.m.

Officers were investigating at the Rodeway Inn on the northwest corner of East 21st Street and North Shadeland Avenue when they noticed a male who had trespassed from the area, according to IMPD Assistant Chief Chris Bailey.

Bailey claimed that the individual disobeyed police orders to place his hands on a car and fled the area. An employee of the Burger King restaurant informed the police that a man had just entered the facility while they were driving toward the location where the suspect was observed running.

The man was discovered by two police officers next to the Burger King restroom. According to reports, each cop took hold of the man’s arm in an effort to put handcuffs on him. Following a struggle, the suspect and the cops were on the ground.

Bailey claimed that at one time, the suspect took hold of the officer’s service weapon and, according to Bailey, fired a shot from it. A male officer was hit in the leg by the shot. After grabbing his backup gun, the officer fired at least one shot at the man.

“When he grabbed the officer’s weapon and disarmed it, he said, ‘You’re going to die,’ or something like that,” Bailey recalled.

After fleeing the restaurant, the suspect was found in the parking lot. After receiving medical attention from the officers, the suspect was taken to Eskenazi Hospital, where he eventually passed away.

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This year, there have been 14 shootings involving IMPD officers. “It’s not lost on us that having so many in a short period of time, people are asking, ‘Why?'” Bailey said. “We don’t have those answers. Each one of these has its individual set of facts and circumstances and we have to look at them with that lens.”

According to IMPD, there is no current threat, and investigators are not looking for other suspects.

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