Chief Taylor Reacts To Bail Decision in Police Car Assault Case!

Following the man’s successful release from jail after being caught hitting a police car for the fourth time, the chief of police in Indianapolis has expressed “frustration” and “concern.”

Based on initial allegations of assaulting a police officer and thwarting law enforcement, George Leachman, 43, was taken into custody on Friday night, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department announced on Monday.

Leachman was re-arrested late on Monday afternoon at a residence in the 1600 block of Lawton Avenue, according to the IMPD. Leachman had bonded out of the Marion County Jail on Saturday.

On the southeast part of the city, close to East Naomi Street and Lawton Avenue, an officer attempted to stop Leachman just before 7 p.m. on Friday. Leachman was operating a stolen pickup truck with a license plate that had expired in 2015, according to the IMPD.

“After stopping briefly, Leachman reportedly rammed the officer’s car multiple times before driving off. The officer was able to pursue Leachman despite damage to his car. While pursuing the truck Leachman was driving, Leachman backed the truck up and struck the police car again,” IMPD said on Facebook.

After the truck came to a stop close to Cottage Avenue, Leachman was arrested. Before being freed on bond, he spent several hours detained in the Marion County Jail.

There were no injuries to the officer whose car was hit. IMPD has previously detained Leachman for colliding with or running over a patrol vehicle.

Leachman “rammed multiple IMPD cars and was then shot by officers,” the department stated on Facebook, leading to his arrest in February.

“In 2017, he was arrested after reportedly striking three police cars during a vehicle pursuit and injuring two officers. In 2018, Leachman was arrested for reportedly driving over an IMPD police car being driven by an officer,” IMPD said.

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Randal Taylor, the chief of the IMPD, expressed his frustration and concern about Leachman’s detention on Monday.

“Leachman has proven time and time again that he has no regard for the law, and should not have the ability to put our officers or the general public in any more danger. The fact that this individual has allegedly rammed multiple police cars, placing officers at risk of serious bodily harm or death, on separate incidents is absolutely unacceptable,” Taylor said in a Facebook post.

On Monday, a judge decided to withdraw Leachman’s bond from the February case and issued an arrest warrant for him.

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