Two Dead Claimed By Gunfire After Traffic Collision, Investigation Underway

Authorities say the suspect shot and killed two persons involved in a car accident, and the hunt is ongoing for him. The collision occurred on Sunday afternoon on Barlett Road close to Watts Road, according to Forest Park Police Chief Brandon Criss, who spoke with Veronica Griffin.

The report states that cops discovered two individuals who had been fatally shot inside one of the involved vehicles following the incident. The victims’ identities remain undisclosed.

“Bartlett Road is where the auto accident happened, and it happened at the top of the hill, and the vehicle is believed to have rolled down the hill,” Criss said.

A number of blocks of Bartlett Road and Watts Road were closed for several hours as a result of that roll down the hill, expanding the scope of the crime scene.

The gunman, who is thought to have been involved in the collision as well, fled on foot, according to the authorities. Residents were advised to stay inside or stay away from the area while investigators were on the scene.

“I have been here all day. I heard the ambulance earlier today,” neighbor Kevin Brown said.

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Brown admitted to Griffin that he and the other neighbors are still baffled as to why an automobile accident turned out to be so horrific.

“It’s getting ugly,” he said. “It’s a shame people can’t be polite and wave it off and keep going. Yeah, it’s ridiculous… an accident?”

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