Numerous kids in the Atlanta area get access to a free grocery store

This Wednesday, Goodr launches its fifth free grocery store in the Powder Springs area, this time at Tapp Middle School.

In Georgia, a startling 1.1 million people are battling starvation right now. And more than 360,000 of them are kids, as reported by Feeding America.

Hundreds of students in Cobb County now have access to free groceries thanks to the efforts of hunger relief firm Goodr.

In order to provide students and their families with easy access to healthy options like fresh produce, the firm opened its fifth store today at Tapp Middle School in Powder Springs.

Jasmine Crowe-Houston, the force behind this initiative, stated that it’s all about giving children an opportunity to shop with respect and helping families who are struggling to put food on the table.

The current price of food, as noted by Crowe-Houston, is more than at any time in history. And all Goodr is doing is assisting families in making ends meet till payday.

Egyptian Howell-Proano, a parent at a middle school, said she had witnessed youngsters in her daughter’s school struggling and that this endeavor is life-changing.

Howell-Proano said that “everyone should have the basic right to eat and function,”, especially as a child in school.

Amina Howell-Bland, the daughter of Tapp principal Howell-Proano, is one of the school’s more than 900 students.

The young lady from the middle school shared that she feels terrible whenever any of her friends are having difficulty.

Howell-Bland explained, “There’s a vending machine, and the kids would take goldfish and snacks home to their siblings.”

In September of 2021, Goodr collaborated with Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling rap musician Gunna to launch the first Goodr Grocery Store.

It was built on the grounds of the former Ronald E. McNair Middle School, where he had taught.

The Lutheran Towers, an assisted living facility for the elderly in Atlanta’s Midtown, welcomed Goodr’s on-site store in January.

By teaming up with Amazon and Aetna, the firm debuted two of six storefronts in Denver Public Schools last month.

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