47-Year-Old Man Found Dead in Crisp County Detention Center!

According to a statement from the sheriff’s office, a man passed away on Wednesday morning in a holding cell at the Crisp County Detention Center by apparent suicide.

In addition to numerous traffic infractions, the 47-year-old Sumter County man had been jailed for DUI. About 9:30 p.m., he was carried into the holding facility and was pending booking.

Just after one in the morning, he was discovered unconscious in a cell. At the scene, he was declared deceased.

The initial inquiry suggests that the victim died by suicide. In the holding cell, he was by himself. Although they claimed there were no suspicious circumstances, the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office has asked the GBI to look into the matter.

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The man’s identity remains undisclosed.

“I offer sincere condolences to this individual’s family and loved ones. I also recognize the impact occupational exposure to tragedy has on our community’s first responders.” Sheriff Billy Hancock said. “We have a peer support team and Chaplains who are available to assist the individual’s family, our agency, and Crisp County’s first responders.”

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