Police Investigate After Man And Woman Found Dead In Car On Houston Roadside!

Police in the Greenspoint area discovered a man and a woman dead inside a car that was abandoned overnight.

Shortly after two in the morning on Monday, according to Houston police, a wrecker driver discovered the vehicle in the 500 block of Seminar Drive near Imperial Valley Drive, just north of Greens Bayou.

The car appeared strange to the wrecker driver, who informed authorities that it was partially stopped on the curb. He came to a horrifying realization as he paused and peered inside.

“He found at least one person deceased and saw another person slumped over,” Lt. J.P. Horelica said. The woman and man appeared to have been shot to death, according to the police.

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HPD was not aware of any potential suspects or the precise sequence of events that preceded the fatal gunshot.

Whether the gunfire originated outside or within the vehicle remained unknown.

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