Texas Plots Power Grid Connection to Avert Winter Crises

For years, the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has operated independently, ensuring power delivery to the Lone Star State.

Recently, cold snaps have laid bare just how crucial a robust power system is to keep us warm and safe. ERCOT is considering making game-changing moves to improve its grid resiliency and avoid future winter power crises.

The Power of Connection

Imagine if Texas could borrow some power from its neighbors during emergencies. That’s the basic idea behind the plan to connect ERCOT with the eastern power grid.

This potential connection is not a simple affair. After all, Texas has traditionally been cautious about federal oversight. Still, many are starting to see it as a promising solution to prevent future power shortfalls.

The $2 Billion Plan – The Southern Spirit Connection

This isn’t about building a small power line across state borders.

It’s about a grand $2 billion project stretching over 400 miles from Texas through Louisiana and into Mississippi. ERCOT’s primary intention is to transmit excess renewable energy — from wind and solar sources — out of Texas, but in emergencies, the direction could be reversed, sending power into Texas instead.

The roots of this proposal date back to 2011, but the project was shelved due to inadequate support. However, the devastating impact of the Uri winter storm breathed new life into it. Although it is far from confirmed and has numerous regulatory hurdles to leap, construction could begin in two years and be completed by 2029.

What Does the Connection Mean for Texas?

Securing a connection to the eastern grid could pump an extra 2,000 megawatts into the Texas grid during emergencies.

To put this in perspective, this connection may have been able to keep about 400,000 homes powered during the 2021 winter storms.

It could also have prevented some of the massive electricity price spikes and saved customers nearly a billion dollars.

Texas Stands Firm on Its Independence

Texas’s electricity grid has long prided itself on its independence. Attempts to connect with the western grid in El Paso were scrapped in the past due to legal hurdles.

But the Southern Spirit Connection project represents a novel way to increase Texas’s power resilience while keeping federal regulators at bay.

As winter approaches and many Texans still have fresh memories of the last winter crisis, ERCOT’s proposed connection to the eastern grid is a beacon of hope.

With careful planning and execution, this ambitious plan may forever change the landscape of Texas’s power grid, bringing renewed resilience in the face of nature’s harshest challenges.

For now, Texans can take comfort in knowing that their electricity needs aren’t taken lightly, and they won’t be left out in the cold.


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