35-Year-Old Man Missing In Lexington County, Search Underway

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department has launched a public search for Tony Etheredge, 35, who has been missing since New Year’s Day. Concerns about Etheredge’s location grew after his family reported him missing on Thursday.

Etheredge, who is said to be close to his family, last interacted with them on January 1st. The lack of following contact has sparked concern, prompting his family to approach authorities.

35-Year-Old Man Missing In Lexington County, Search Underway

The Sheriff’s Department is undertaking an extensive investigation, but the lack of new leads has encouraged them to request the public’s assistance.

On Friday night, Etheredge’s vehicle, a 2014 black Toyota Tacoma, was located abandoned near the intersection of Truex Road and Rish Drive. The discovery of the car in this place adds to the intrigue surrounding his disappearance.

The Sheriff’s Department has not revealed any specific information about the vehicle’s condition or any potential clues it may contain.

They are, however, imploring anyone with information, no matter how little, to come forward. This covers sightings of Etheredge or his vehicle near the time he vanished.

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Tony Etheredge is characterized as a cherished member of the community, and his unexpected absence has created significant concern among relatives and friends.

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department is dedicated to using all available resources to find Etheredge and is collaborating with local communities to gather information.

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