Former Salt Lake County DA David Yocum Passes Away

David Yocom, a prominent figure in Utah’s legal community and former District Attorney of Salt Lake County, passed away earlier this week.

His death was announced by the current District Attorney, Sim Gill, who described Yocom as a long-time friend and colleague.

Yocom’s career spanned several decades, during which he held the DA position for four terms, starting in 1986.

Former Salt Lake County District Attorney David Yocom, known for his successful prosecutions in many high-profile Utah cases including Ted Bundy, died this week, according to the DA’s office:

Mastermind Behind Utah’s Major Criminal Prosecutions

Yocom was highly respected for his role in prosecuting many high-profile cases in Utah, including that of notorious criminal Ted Bundy. His expertise and dedication were evident in his handling of complex cases.

During his tenure, he oversaw numerous significant criminal trials, including those of Mark Hoffman and Mark Hacking.

Yocom was admired for his passion for law, commitment to victim rights, and ensuring fairness in the legal system.

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Dedicated Career and Personal Impact

Before serving as the District Attorney, Yocom studied at the University of Utah and practiced as a private attorney. His notable achievements include the successful prosecution of Ted Bundy in 1976, a case that marked Bundy’s first conviction.

Yocom also played a crucial role in the prosecution of Ervil LeBaron. Apart from his prosecution work, he served as a defense counsel in challenging cases, including defending white supremacist Joseph Paul Franklin.

Despite the risk to his career, Yocom committed himself to upholding the law and ensuring a fair trial. Sim Gill praised Yocom’s advocacy for improving collaboration between the DA’s office and the courts, acknowledging his significant contributions to the community.

Yocom’s passing leaves a void in the Salt Lake County community. He is survived by his wife, four sons, eight grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren.

His career, marked by dedication, justice, and leadership, has left a lasting impact on those who worked with him and the community he served.

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