Infamous Los Angeles ‘Sunset Strip Killer’ Douglas Clark Passes Away At 75

Douglas Clark, a notorious serial ki!!er and necrophile who terrorized Los Angeles in 1980, has died on California’s death row, the state Department of Corrections announced. He died on October 11, 2023, aged 75.

At the San Quentin Rehabilitation Center, Clark, 75, was incarcerated for six consecutive death sentences. Officials at the prison reported that he died on Wednesday at a hospital outside of the institution from “natural causes.”

As one half of “The Sunset Strip Killers,” Clark and his companion Carol Bundy preyed on Hollywood’s most helpless young women, frequently runaways and prostitutes. They decapitated and dismembered a large number of their victims.

Their m*rder spree was brief, spanning just three months from June until August of 1980. Bundy eventually gave in to the pressure of the crimes and confessed to her coworkers and the police, implicating Clark in the process. This led to Clark’s arrest.

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Clark was found guilty of first-degree m*rder, attempted first-degree m*rder, mutilation/s*xual contact with human remains, and mayhem. In 1983, he received a death sentence.

In 2003, Bundy passed away in prison. Currently, there are 653 convicted inmates in California on the execution row. But the state hasn’t executed in 17 years, and in 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom banned executions altogether.

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