Black Ice and ‘Heart Attack Snow’ Pose Risks in Orange County, Executive Says

This weekend’s winter storm produced a mix of snow and rain, burying some regions beneath more than a foot of snow while only rain fell in others.

The aftermath has been complex, posing a variety of issues for households and road crews.

The winter storm this weekend dumped more than a foot of snow in some spots:

Black Ice Concerns for Sunday Night and Monday Commute

As the temperature drops, there is fear about the production of black ice on roads. The storm’s aftermath has left pockets of melted snow, potentially creating hazardous circumstances.

Residents are asked to be cautious, especially on side roads, and to brace themselves for a difficult Monday morning commute.

Road Conditions and Resident Experiences

Reports from Orange County communities such as Chester and Goshen emphasize road crews’ efforts to clear parking lots and salt roads.

Residents, on the other hand, report encountering ice roads, with some slipping and having difficulty.

Given the possibility of worsening circumstances, the county executive underlines the need for extra caution and time during the journey.

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Ongoing Efforts to Maintain Road Safety

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus praised the dedication of road staff who worked 16-hour stints salting roadways.

Despite their efforts, he warns locals to brace themselves for harsher weather on Monday morning.

With another storm forecast on Tuesday, the county’s 911 call center is preparing to deal with any issues that may arise.

In summary, residents are asked to be careful as they traverse the aftermath of the winter storm, with a focus on black ice issues.

Road crews are working tirelessly to guarantee road safety, but community participation and readiness are critical under these extreme weather conditions.

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