12-Year-Old is Rescued from Frozen Waters in Monroe County

A 12-year-old boy was rescued after he fell into a frozen pond in Monroe County.

This happened on Tuesday morning, and the Dundee police were involved in the rescue. The incident was partially recorded on camera.

The boy got trapped in the icy water and was struggling to stay up. Luckily, a pizza delivery person heard his cries for help and quickly called the police.

When the police arrived, one officer, carrying a life-saving float, went out to help the boy.

12-year-old saved after falling through ice in Monroe County:

During the rescue, this officer also fell into the water, but he kept going towards the boy.

Finally, both the boy and the officer got out of the water safely. The boy was then taken to a hospital in Toledo for medical care.

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The Dundee Police Department, along with other local service organizations, want to remind everyone that ice on ponds and lakes can become dangerous very fast when the weather changes.

They advise people to be very careful, check the ice’s thickness, and not to go out alone.

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