Ejected Freightliner Driver Dead in Tragic Triple Accident!

Following his ejection from his Freightliner trailer and three separate collisions with other trucks, one guy has perished. Texas Department of Public Safety has confirmed that this crash report involved Westbrook community members.

There were ten people involved in the collision, which occurred on Thursday night in the pouring rain.

A Freightliner truck driven by 51-year-old Fernando Alvarez was traveling west on FM 33 close to mile marker 313 when the incident occurred, according to the DPS’s preliminary crash report.

On FM 33, Ra Nebmare Nebertcher-Bey, 49, was driving a Freightliner vehicle when she was involved in an accident. Alvarez side-swiped Nebertcher-Bey after failing to travel in a single lane, according to the DPS.

Alvarez struck Travis Larson’s automobile, 54, head-on as he proceeded westward in the eastbound lane. Two of the five people Larson was transporting were fourteen and thirteen years old.

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According to the DPS, Alvarez jackknifed in the center of the road, and Bailey Garcia, 21, struck the back of Alvarez’s vehicle with her 2019 Chevrolet Malibu.

After that, Alvarez was removed from his seat and declared deceased on the spot. After being taken to Scenic Mountain Medical Center, Larson and his five passengers are in stable condition.

Garcia was taken to SMMC along with the passenger in her car, and both of them are doing well. After receiving care, Nebertcher-Bey was let go.

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