Big Win Alert: $134K Lottery Ticket Purchase in Gloucester County

A lucky South Jersey individual won $134,124 in Friday’s Jersey Cash 5 draw. The winning ticket was purchased from Walt’s Grocery on 4344 Tuckahoe Rd. in Williamstown and matched all five winning numbers.

Fortunate Numbers and Extra:

The winning combination of 08, 10, 26, 27 and 37 with the extra number 04 ensured a significant cash prize for the lucky player.

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Reward for Retailer:

The seller who sold the lucky ticket, Walt’s Grocery, will earn a $2,000 rewards for their role in distributing the winning ticket.

Players in the area are encouraged to thoroughly verify their tickets, as there may be additional winning tickets awaiting discovery from this draw.

The victory at Walt’s Grocery is proof of the possible fortunes that lottery players in South Jersey might expect.

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