Cleveland Man Wins $20,000 in Ohio Lottery Thrill

Gary Thompson, who lives in Cleveland, was the lucky winner of a $20,000 reward when he played the scratch-off game “$1,000,000 Payout” offered by the Ohio Lottery. Wednesday, November 22, 2023 was the day that the announcement was made.

Thompson is scheduled to get $14,400 after the mandatory deductions for state and federal taxes, which together amount to 28 percent of the total. Players of the Ohio Lottery have a long history of success, and this victory is just the latest example.

The winning ticket was purchased at the United Food and Gas store in Cleveland, which is situated at 14510 Kinsman Rd. This business is now well-known in the community because it was responsible for selling the winning scratch-off ticket.

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The $1,000,000 Payout scratch-off game costs ten dollars and is well-known for the enormous top prize it offers, which is $40,000 every year for the next quarter-century.

As of the 22nd of November in the year 2023, there is still a chance to win the grand prize in this competition. Lottery fans and others who are considering playing the lottery can find additional details on this and other Ohio Lottery Scratch-Offs on the internet.

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