Bent County Jail Inmate Found After Escape Attempt

On Saturday night, James Torrez escaped from Bent County Jail just before 6:30 p.m. According to the Bent County Sheriff’s Office, Torrez broke out by entering the jail’s ceiling while allegedly cleaning.

Bent County Jail inmate found after escaping through ceiling:

Inmate Caught Near U.S. Highway 50 After 3 Hours

The news triggered a rapid response from more than 12 law enforcement and emergency agencies, collaborating to locate the escaped inmate.

Three intense hours later, Torrez was apprehended around 9:15 p.m. near U.S. Highway 50 and County Road 6.5. The Sheriff’s Office reported that the capture was executed without incident.

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Fifth Jailbreak in a Year: Bent County Takes Action

This incident marks the fifth jailbreak from the Bent County facility in the past year. To address the concerning trend, the Bent County Sheriff’s Office has initiated both internal and criminal investigations.

This comes in the wake of a similar escape in August 2023 when four inmates fled, leading to the recapture of two and the unfortunate discovery of the other two found deceased. The authorities are determined to assess and enhance security measures to prevent future incidents.

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