Lake County Inmate Housing Agreement with McHenry County Jail

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is facing a big problem—there aren’t enough people working at their jail. So, Lake County Sheriff John Idleburg and McHenry County Sheriff Robb Tadelman made a plan.

Up to 150 inmates from Lake County will stay in McHenry County Jail for a while to help with the safety concerns caused by not having enough staff at Lake County Jail.

Lake County to house inmates at McHenry County Jail amid ‘staffing crisis’

Why the Plan Was Needed?

At Lake County Jail, there aren’t enough workers. Many jobs are empty, and some staff are away for medical or family reasons.

This makes it hard for the staff who are there because they have to watch more inmates than they can handle, which is dangerous.

What the Plan Involves?

The agreement is for up to two years, but they’re starting with one year. Lake County will pay $100 every day for each inmate in McHenry.

The goal is to help Lake County save money on things like overtime and meals for the inmates in McHenry County.

Even though the inmates will be in McHenry, they’ll still get to talk to their lawyers and friends. They’ll have virtual meetings and phone calls, just like in Lake County.

Checking How Well It Works?

People in charge at both jails will regularly check how things are going. Lake County hopes to bring the inmates back home quickly when they have enough staff.

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Thankfulness and Future Plans:

Sheriff Idleburg thanked McHenry County for helping out. He and Lake County leaders are trying to hire more staff so the inmates can come back home soon.

Even though Lake County wanted to talk about this with local leaders, it didn’t happen. So, they made this plan as allowed by the law.

Moving Forward and Past Practices:

Sheriff Robb Tadelman from McHenry County is proud to help. Helping each other like this is common among jails in Illinois. Lake County did this before during renovations, using another jail for a bit.

Lake County wants to get more staff quickly to bring the inmates back home soon.

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