You Can Get $20 From Kraft if You Promise Not to Make Cheesecake for the Holidays

The cream cheese scarcity is being exploited by Kraft as a marketing opportunity.

A limited number of customers will be able to spend $20 on dessert and charge it to Kraft, the owner of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, for just a few days this Christmas season. For those who cannot make cheesecakes due to a lack of cream cheese, Kraft will pay for another baked treat.

It works like this: Kraft has set up a unique webpage for those who want to learn more about the promotion.

Around 18,000 people will have the opportunity to apply for a holiday treat refund on December 17 and 18. A few weeks later, they’ll be able to submit receipts to the corporation.

In order to keep Philadelphia cream cheese in consumers’ minds without damaging their perception of Kraft, the company launched this marketing campaign to ease the pain of empty cream cheese stores.

The cream cheese scarcity is being exploited by Kraft as a marketing opportunity.

Cream cheese is the latest food item to become scarce in a year plagued by food scarcity. Kraft reported that it has been difficult to keep shelves stocked because of an increase in cream cheese demand during the epidemic.

As more individuals baked and ate at home last year, the demand for cream cheese increased by around 18% compared to this year. According to Kraft, it will remain at that high level in 2021. (KHC). Restaurants, meanwhile, are placing larger orders for the product.

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The owner of Philadelphia-based Junior’s Cheesecake, which gets its cream cheese from there, admitted last week that the company has been having trouble obtaining enough of the essential ingredients and has had to temporarily halt manufacturing.

Cream cheese shortages have also been reported at New York City bagel shops.

Kraft’s Philadelphia marketing director, Basak Oguz, says the company is investing in the brand to keep up with demand.

By investing millions of dollars in Philadelphia cream cheese, she told CNN Business via email, “We’re helping to enhance production capacity. “.

Philadelphia products are no longer being made at this time, according to Oguz, because the company needs to enhance the manufacturing of its more popular products.

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