Weather Alert: Mecklenburg County Courts Closed, Tuesday Sessions Called Off

Mecklenburg County Courts announced a Tuesday closure due to the possibility of bad weather.

A ‘Code Green’ was declared causing all Tuesday court proceedings to be rescheduled for later dates.

This precautionary measure will ensure everyone’s safety in the event of a storm.

Mecklenburg County Courts closed, all sessions cancelled Tuesday due to storm concerns:

Courthouse Operational Hours:

Despite the closure, the courthouse will maintain its regular business hours. However, all scheduled court sessions for Tuesday, Jan. 9, stand postponed for safety reasons.

Check out this headline, it’s a must-read:

No Jury Duty:

If you were called for jury duty, you don’t have to go to the courthouse. You’re excused, and it’s safe for you to stay home. This way, they’re making sure you stay safe from the storm.

This decision to close the courts is about putting safety first, especially when there’s a storm on the way. They’re making these changes to keep everyone out of harm’s way during the bad weather.

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