Two Faces Of September Terror: Suspect Arrested In 8353 Winkler Drive Attack Case!

Two suspects who were detained in connection with the September 20 attack on a man at 8353 Winkler Drive at approximately 9:50 p.m. have been charged.

The charges against the suspects, Derrick Gerard Webb, 39, and Jessica Luna, 34, are severe assault with a deadly weapon. Additionally, Webb faces charges related to possessing a controlled drug. The 176th State District Court is the venue for all charges.

The 22-year-old male victim was sent to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

T. Forsythe and V. Guerrero-Jones, detectives in the HPD Major Assaults & Family Violence Division, reported:

When HPD patrol officers arrived at the above address in response to an assault report in a strip center parking lot, they discovered the victim had been battered with a blunt object by an unidentified suspect or suspects.

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The man was taken to the hospital by paramedics from the Houston Fire Department. The victim’s nose and jaw were found to be broken by medical professionals.

A female suspect took the victim to a black SUV in the parking lot, where he was attacked by another suspect, according to the results of a preliminary inquiry and evidence gathered from the site. Then, both suspects drove off in the SUV.

Webb and Luna were found to be the suspects after additional inquiry. They were both accused of their roles in the assault after their arrests on Thursday, November 2.

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