Houston Man Charged With The Murder of Ex-Girlfriend Miriam Martinez Pol!

Authorities in southwest Houston are in need of assistance in locating a man they suspect fatally shot his ex-girlfriend last month.

In relation to the death of his 56-year-old ex-girlfriend, Miriam Martinez Pol, on October 8, the Houston Police Department confirmed that 40-year-old Roger Betancourt-Castillo is charged with murder.

The fatal shooting, according to authorities, took place in an apartment building in the 8700 block of Gustine Lane at approximately 5:20 p.m.

As police arrived on the site, they allegedly discovered Pol injured from a gunshot. After being brought to Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center, she passed away there.

Pol’s ex-boyfriend Castillo was then named as a suspect in the case and accused of killing her.

According to court documents, investigators were able to locate a camera that showed Castillo entering her second-floor apartment, his shoes on her balcony with signs of a fight, and him leaving. All of that transpired in roughly fifteen minutes.

When it occurred, the woman’s companion told the police that she was at the flat. She claimed to have spent the entire encounter in the restroom and to have just heard her buddy scream.

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She claimed in court documents that she did not hear a gunshot when she came out of the restroom and discovered Pol bleeding immediately inside the front entrance.

There had been a disagreement between Pol and Castillo earlier that day, so she had phoned the police. Reports were obtained.

Castillo is still at large, according to HPD, which released pictures of him on Friday in an effort to locate him.

Castillo and Pol are both natives of Cuba.

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