Tragic ATV Accident Claims The Life of A 17-Year-Old Girl From Pace!

Over the weekend, a 17-year-old Pace girl lost her life in an ATV accident. The Florida Highway Patrol is currently looking into what transpired prior to the ATV losing control and colliding with a tree.

On Monday, the Santa Rosa County School District hosted grief counselors to meet with students on campus. The impact of this adolescent’s death is being felt by instructors and students far beyond Pace High School.

On Monday, more counselors were brought into Pace High School. They are going to stay as long as the school requires their assistance.

“Different types of counseling, individual for those who need it,” Dr. Tonya Shepard, Santa Rosa County School District Public Information, said. “Individual and then sometimes there’s groups of people who want to come together and so the counselors provide group for students and staff an opportunity to be together.”

The 17-year-old’s death is being mourned by Pace High’s student body and faculty. The teenager lost her life when the ATV she was riding into a tree.

The incident occurred on private land near Milton, not far from Wallace Lake Road. There were two additional females on the four-wheeler, aged eleven and sixteen. Severe injuries are being treated for them.

The eleven-year-old attends Wallace Lake School—and the sixteen-year-old studies at Pace High. No identities have been disclosed. The Florida Highway Patrol is still looking into the mishap.

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According to school administrators, pupils can get support from the “Hope Squad” while they process their loss.

“Student led group who generally work with students and peers with mental health crisis but they’re also a good resources to their peers in situation like this as well,” said Dr. Shepard.

Later this week, Pace High School and the family will organize a memorial service for the 17-year-old.

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