One Dead, Six Injured In Shooting In Strip Small Near Hudson Street!

An early Sunday morning shooting that killed one man and six others injured is being looked into by Denver Police.

A shooting at a strip mall in the 5500 block of E. 33rd Avenue was reported to the police at 3:06 a.m. That’s in the Park Hill district east of Denver’s downtown, close to the intersection with Hudson Street.

According to Denver Police Commander Matt Clark, the “Hells Lover’s Motorcycle Club” is an after-hours club where the shooting took place. There was a “Private Club” sign on the door. H

e stated that there was proof of gunfire outside the club and that detectives were trying to determine what transpired inside and what sparked the shooting.

Clark said there was evidence of multiple gunshots. It was not immediately clear how severely the other six victims—all ad*lts—had been injured. According to Clark, a few were undergoing surgery to treat their wounds.

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Additionally, he stated that police are looking into whether any of the victims had fired shots themselves. Before revising the number of injured victims, the police said that at least three of them drove themselves to the hospital.

While Clark acknowledged that there had been a history of criminality in that area, including multiple homicides, he was unable to respond to inquiries about the club’s particular past.

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