Three Arrests in Alleged Murder of 57-Year-Old in Allegheny County

Allegheny County authorities have made significant progress in the investigation into the murder of George Dayieb, a 57-year-old business associate from Murrysville.

Jeremy Fisher, Braden Elliott, and William Fortuna have been arrested in connection to the tragic incident.

Big Investigation: Police Find Body and Arrest Suspects

The investigation began when Dayieb went missing after meeting Fisher to collect a substantial debt related to construction equipment.

Surveillance footage captured Dayieb entering Fisher’s vehicle, setting the sequence of events in motion. The suspects’ attempted harm during a car ride eventually led to a fatal shooting in Portersville.

Authorities conducted an extensive investigation across multiple counties, utilizing video evidence, cell phone data, and cooperation between law enforcement agencies.

Their efforts culminated in the recovery of Dayieb’s remains and the subsequent arrest of the suspects in various counties.

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Suspects Face Multiple Charges

Fisher, Elliott, and Fortuna face severe charges, including homicide, evidence tampering, and abuse of a corpse.

They are being held in Allegheny County jail without bail, bringing some closure to the case for Dayieb’s family and the community.

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