Four Arrested in Isanti County Homicide Investigation

Four people were caught in connection with the terrible killing of Jose De Jesus Diaz Fernandez. The Isanti County Sheriff’s Office confirmed this sad incident on December 13.

Who They Are and What Happened!

Jesse Mateo Rodrigues, 43, Fredy Saavedra Olivar, 40, and Abraham Alexander Houle, 41, were named by the police.

They face charges for serious things like murder and burglary. Another person, Jerold Allen Downs, 45, also faces similar charges, but he’s in jail for something else right now. He will be brought back to Isanti County later.

Three of those who were arrested have been formally charged and the fourth is in custody in another jurisdiction waiting to be extradited:

What Happened that Day!

It all started with a call at 6:36 a.m. on December 13 about a shooting at a house in Spencer Brook Township. Fernandez was found dead inside.

Witnesses said some people acted like cops, telling Fernandez to raise his hands before shooting him. It was a terrible end.

The Investigation and What They Found!

The investigation showed Fernandez might have been involved in drugs, and his home might have been used for hiding drugs and money.

The suspects planned a fake robbery, thinking it would help them get out of a debt to a dangerous group.

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Complicated Details Emerge

The investigation found a lot of things, like videos, stories from people who saw things, and clothes they used.

It showed the suspects planned this fake robbery to clear their debts. Some admitted to owing money, while others said they didn’t do it, even though proof shows they might have.

It’s a really tangled case that shows a lot more than just a regular crime.

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