315 Homeless Deaths Registered in Multnomah County Last Year

The 2022 Domicile Unknown Report reveals a heartbreaking reality unfolding in Multnomah County: 315 individuals experiencing homelessness lost their lives.

Death Certificates Reveal Alarming Homeless Fatality

This year’s report marks the first time death certificates indicating homelessness were considered, shedding light on a staggering number of deaths within the homeless community.

Investigations by the county’s medical examiner showed a 29 percent surge in deaths among those experiencing homelessness compared to the previous year, a trend deeply concerning to health officials like Dr. Paul Lewis.

Dr. Lewis emphasized that the reported number likely underrepresents the true count of homeless deaths, painting an even grimmer picture of the crisis.

At least 315 people died while experiencing homelessness in Multnomah County in 2022. In all, the mortality risk for people experiencing homelessness compared to the general county population was nearly 6 times higher last year.

Causes of Tragedy

The report highlighted drug overdoses, homicides, and traffic accidents as leading causes of these deaths, illustrating the severity of the situation and its toll on families like Jake Ausmus’, who lost his sister, Angela Casey Boyd, in a tragic traffic accident.

Ausmus and his family have been seeking justice for 19 months, hoping to find the perpetrator responsible for Boyd’s untimely death.

Their story was spotlighted during the report announcement, offering hope for progress in their pursuit for answers.

Here’s some news that’ll grab your attention for sure:

Community Efforts and Challenges Ahead

Multnomah County has allocated significant resources to prevent further homeless deaths, with initiatives including expanded shelters and improved responses to severe weather.

However, local leaders stressed the ongoing need for more comprehensive solutions.

Dr. Lewis emphasized the human aspect behind the numbers, reminding everyone that each individual lost was someone’s family member.

National Day of Remembrance

Thursday marked the national day of remembrance for those who passed while experiencing homelessness, with an event held to honor their lives near Northwest Couch and Northwest 6th Avenue.

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