Bucks County Mother’s Shocking Confession to Sons’ Deaths

According to the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, a mother who is suspected of shooting and murdering her two sons has entered a guilty plea to both murder and attempted murder.

Trinh Nguyen was given two consecutive life sentences without the chance of release in addition to a subsequent 10-to 20-year sentence for trying to kill a neighbor.

In May 2022, Nguyen was charged of shooting her two sons, ages 9 and 13, as they were sleeping in an Upper Makefield Township residence.

A man reported to authorities that same day in 2022 that he had spoken with Nguyen, his 38-year-old neighbor, earlier in the day.

A Bucks County mother has pleaded guilty to shooting and killing her two sons and attempting to kill a family friend back in May 2022. She was sentenced to life in prison:

Investigators added that she had given him a box containing pictures and requested him to transfer it to her former spouse, with whom he had worked.

Then, according to the man, she twice squeezed the trigger of a black pistol aimed directly at his face. But according to the authorities, the gun did not discharge.

Nguyen was disarmed by the man, who then managed to get him to flee the scene. He was eventually apprehended at the Washington Crossing church parking lot.

Nguyen and her youngest son’s father were married in 2015, according to an inquiry into her.

In the same year, the father accused Nguyen of taking their toddler and running away from their house, telling him she wouldn’t come back, and heading to Texas.

Nguyen and her husband started divorce proceedings in 2021, six years later. The couple decided to divide the value of a house in Philadelphia, according to court filings.

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$220,000 was to be given to Nguyen, along with monthly support payments. A judge approved Nguyen’s plea for shared custody as well as their son’s biannual trip to Vietnam.

When Nguyen appeared in court again in July 2021, she accused her ex-husband of disobeying orders and neglecting to obtain a passport for their child.

In response, Nguyen’s ex-husband’s lawyers said she had little money and had only lately started making money online by selling eyelashes.

They added that she had been forced out of the house she rented from the sister of her ex-husband.

Nguyen was characterized by the lawyers as a kidnapper and flight risk. They also thought that, with the high cost of divorce, she would run away to Vietnam and not give her son back to his father.

Additionally, Nguyen owes her ex-sister-in-law $11,000 in arrears, according to the documents. May 2, the day after she was accused of shooting her two children, was designated as her eviction date.

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