Clayton County Woman Heard in Audio Killing of Husband

An audio recording of a lady killing her husband was used to prove her guilt. After the trial, the woman was granted parole.

Tom Jones of Channel 2 witnessed Chief Judge Robert Mack sentence Tempest Daniel to life in prison with the chance of release in a Clayton County courtroom.

Daniel’s family claims she was the victim, despite the victim’s family’s request for the judge to keep Daniel behind bars indefinitely.

Here, there are no winners. Not one. Albertina Collier, Daniel’s aunt, gave testimony “on either side.”

Daniel cried as her family pleaded with the court to be merciful to her after the jury found her guilty of killing her husband.

A woman captured on an audio recording of killing her husband was convicted and learned she would get a chance at freedom:

Thus, I’m pleading with you once more. Tempest Daniel’s mother, Kimberly Daniel, testified, “Please don’t take her away from us.”

In 2020, it took place inside a house near Sunset Park. On an audio clip provided by the prosecution, Daniel is heard threatening to stab her husband, Vincent Taylor.

Taylor had his phone in his pocket, recording.

“She threatened him multiple times in that recording. She threatened that she was going to kill him multiple times,” Assistant District Attorney Breanna Mcknight stated in court.

Taylor’s plea, “Stop, stop, stop,” can be heard.

Then, according to the prosecution, Daniel fatally stabbed him in the neck. According to Mcknight, the tape shows that Daniel stabbed Taylor in front of their two kids.

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However, Daniel’s relatives attested that she was not a murderer.

Kimberly Daniel remarked, “My daughter was a victim and she was only defending herself.”

Her daughter loved her two children, she claimed.

According to the prosecution, multiple witnesses stated that there was no proof of Taylor abusing Daniel, and she tricked her family into thinking otherwise.

Taylor’s family wanted the judge to give her a life sentence without the possibility of release.

Mack chose to offer Daniel a chance at independence after realizing that this was a poisonous relationship.

The judge declared, “The court is going to sentence you to life with the possibility of parole.”

Daniel, a bank manager, will be qualified for parole following his thirty-year sentence. Her conviction is being appealed.

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