The Next 100 Days Will See 50% of Americans Get Omicron Covid

There are currently about 1.5 million cases per day in the United States, and Omicron Covid cases will peak at around 2.8 million per day in the USA, according to the IHME.

They expect over 1.5 million cases per day for the next 60 days and then 2 million cases per day for the next 20 days.

A 60-day period would average 2 million cases per day, which would result in 120 million cases. After that, 20 more days and another 15 million cases would be needed.

A majority of Americans would be on this rough path unless most people started wearing masks all the time and using good, effective masks whenever possible.

The IHME predicts that the number of Covid (omicron) cases will peak at approximately 40 million per day within the next 100 days, over 2 billion cases globally.

Globally, there are about 2 million cases per day and about 600,000 cases per day in the US. Therefore, the global IHME projection is 2-3 times higher than Worldometers reports.

The peak daily cases should be at the end of January or February. According to Worldometers, the USA will likely record 1 million cases daily and 3-4 million worldwide.

There is no clear evidence that mask use reduces transmission. However, you may minimize transmission if you wear and handle a surgical-grade mask, such as N95 or KN95.

Mask usage has dropped to about 35% in the US. According to respondents, people wear masks most of the time. During the US peak, about 70% claimed to wear masks.

If most US citizens became more religious about masks, the Omicron wave might only reach 25% of the population by 2021, when the peak of mask use was at the start of that year.

As a whole, Americans are not likely to counter COVID effectively and are unlikely to do so unless they are in populations with an exceptionally high risk of contracting severe illnesses.

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