The Car of Chicago Mother was Stolen at Gunpoint – She Claims the Thieves Used the Vehicle in a String of Robberies in the City’s South Western Neighborhood

Keturah Johnson claims that after having her car taken at gunpoint earlier this week, she hasn’t left the house in three days and that the stolen automobile has since been used in a string of additional crimes.

Johnson was robbed at around 2:00 p.m. on Monday in the 7900 block of South Ada; she suffered no physical harm, but she is still warning other ladies to be careful if they are out at night.

She claims she had just dropped off her 18-month-old kid at a house when a black Jeep drew up, and several suspects got out and blocked her way. “I knew right away that something terrible was happening.

Therefore, I ensured all the doors and windows were closed and locked. They showed there wearing masks and brandishing clipped 45s, “her words. “I walked out of my house after unlocking the door. Don’t shout, he said, and keep your mouth shut. So, tell me, “What do you have on you?” Nope, I said nothing.”

She claims the firearm’s sight disoriented her and that her office equipment was in the car. “As a makeup artist, I had all my tools and supplies in the car. As a result, I have packed my car to the gills, “she stated.

The vehicle containing the suspects rushed away from the site

According to law enforcement, a woman in her fifties was reportedly robbed at gunpoint on the same Chicago block shortly afterward. She, too, escaped fearful but otherwise uninjured. Johnson claims that records on the Citizen app indicate that her car has been involved in other crimes since the initial incident.

She claims that my car and a Honda CRV were being used in a series of robberies in a four-city area off Cicero. On Wednesday, Chicago police reported a string of burglaries at eight separate businesses in the city and many of its suburbs carried out by a group of burglars.

According to a CPD community notice, the suspects drove a dark-colored Honda CRV and a grey Dodge Durango, the latter of which Johnson claims she purchased in October. The contents, she explains, are of little interest to her. “Please return my car to me.”

She adds that several other friends have been robbed in similar incidents, including at the intersection of 74th Street and King Drive. “Everywhere you look, they’re engaging in this practice. Maintain vigilance, “I quote what she has to say. “They attribute people’s financial gains to the holiday season. Ladies, please be cautious, especially if you happen to be unaccompanied.”

So far, authorities in Chicago have not been able to apprehend any suspects, but they are still looking into the matter.


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