Southwest Flight Cancellation Strands 14-Year-Old Orem Boy in Chicago

A Southwest flight cancellation left a 14-year-old Orem kid in Chicago alone.

Carden Astel was visiting his father, stepmother, and pets in South Carolina from Utah.

Carden’s Utah-Chicago trip was fine, but both Southwest Airlines planes were cancelled at Midway International Airport.

Southwest cancels more flights, draws federal investigation

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“After three-and-a-half hours on hold, Southwest informed us they could book him on the following flight,” stepmom Kristin Cipriano said. “Okay, we thought.” Rebook him. “As the flight was delayed, I thought it may be cancelled like the prior one.”

Not Reached Carden in Chicago for Seven Hours

“Southwest was taking awhile to speak to us, so we were frightened about his safety, whether he’d eaten, and if he had water.” When we spoke to him, we discovered no one had given him meal coupons. “Chicago was mostly his alone,” he observed.

Cipriano called the Chicago Police Department to find him. Carden had no phone, making communication difficult.

Carden slept at the airport and flew Delta the following day.

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“He shared a lounge with several unaccompanied children. No sleep. He sold “Cipriano” chips.

After arriving in South Carolina, Carden informed his parents he simply wanted to sleep. Cipriano said they debated driving or changing flights.

They are dissatisfied with Southwest but relieved that everything worked out. They stated the staff they did reach were courteous, and one lady paid for Carden’s meal with her own money.


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