Chicago: Flight Cancellations Cause Midway Luggage Pileup, Frustrating Travelers

After the holiday weekend’s winter storm, hundreds of flights were cancelled and baggage was scattered at Chicago‘s Midway International Airport on Monday.

On Monday, more than half of Southwest Airlines’ airport flights were cancelled, but guests were having trouble getting their baggage, with luggage stacking up at carousels and little answers.

“I’m upset as hell because I see mismanagement,” said Ihore Konrad, who was stuck at the airport for two days due to cancellations.

Angry as hell': Luggage piles up halfway amid flight cancellations, frustrating  travelers - NBC Chicago

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Midway had cancelled around 300 flights by 5 p.m. Monday.

George Mycek, a photographer for NBC 5, took pictures of hundreds of suitcases all over the airport, with luggage from many planes jamming up the baggage claim carousels.

Travelers complain they haven’t received enough information to find their baggage.


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