Fight with the Police-One Brother was Shot, and Another Arrested

A Chicago police officer is healing after being injured during a confrontation with the young guy attempting to aid his brother, the shooting victim.

Latosha Bradley has two sons; one is in the hospital, and the other is in the custody of the police. Bradley is worried since her two sons did not return home Thursday night after filling up at a gas station on Chicago’s South Side.

Hours after multiple shooters opened fire on the older brother while he was getting gas at the BP station near 87th Street and the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago, police surrounded the station Thursday evening.

Bradley reported superficial wounds, primarily to his shoulder, face, and arm.
Bradley was waiting in the car while her son got gas at 1:38 p.m. when he was shot. Bradley stated, “Someone fired.” He fired back, but now he’s in the hospital. Bradley revealed that her 25-year-old son serving in the military, was the target of the shooting.

Several shots rang out. Cars at the fueling station had their windows broken by the gunfire. The petrol station itself has bullet holes in it. It turns out that Bradley’s son called home to talk to his older sibling just minutes after the shooting. “He snatched up his suitcase, sprinted outside, and made his way here,” Bradley explained.

While police were present, the adolescent ignored them and stepped over the tape

“The man arrived at the scene in a jogging fashion. He can’t believe it. When he gets there, he finds them cuddling on the ground, and they try to pull them apart. “To quote Bradley:

Bradley has revealed that her kid, now a teenager, has ADHD, which she attributes to anxiety. Bradley explained, “He raced to him, and they tried to separate them, and he burst; and if I had been here, I would have been able to calm him down; but it escalated so fast.”

Bradley’s adolescent son got into a brawl with the cops, sending one of them to the hospital. According to Bradley, “they said he struggled with them, and he was resisting.” Bradley’s oldest son was shot and sent to the hospital, and her adolescent son was in police custody when she arrived at the petrol station.

To paraphrase, “I’m just worried about them,” she remarked. Not once have they ever had any run-ins with the law. Meanwhile, the perpetrators of the shootings who set off this entire spectacle remain at large. Bradley hoped that they might get home sometime between tonight and tomorrow.

The struggle the youngest son had with police is said to be captured on security footage of the incident. The injured officer did not sustain life-threatening wounds. The mom is praying the cops will get it.


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