Texas Food Court Shooting: Startling Video Reveals State Fair Shooting Panic

On Saturday night, there was a shooting at the State Fair of Texas, and the police had to clear the area. A person named Sirio Brozzi from Austin shared a video he took on his cell phone right after the shooting. He was hiding under a table with his pregnant wife when he recorded it. He shared that video with wffa.

In the video, you can hear people screaming, and you can see people hiding and running away from the food court. There’s also a police officer who comes in with a gun out and another officer yelling. Brozzi also gave a picture he took of one of the people who got shot. That person was lying on the ground.
This is the vedio of the chaos in texas food court:

It is our top priority right now to figure out how this weapon made it into our fairgrounds,” Karissa Condoianis, Senior Vice President of PR for the fair told this to WFAA on Sunday.

Condoianis mentioned that only fairgoers who possess a valid license to carry are allowed to bring guns to the fair and must be able to provide proof of that license.

We want that balance of the rights of Texans to also to have a safe environment here at the State Fair of Texas,” she said.

However, the person accused of the shooting, 22-year-old Cameron Turner, does not have a license, according to officials. Condoianis explained that the fair is currently collaborating with law enforcement to determine how Turner managed to bring the gun past security on previous occasions.

On Sunday, fairgoers who had to leave the fairgrounds on Saturday due to the incident were granted free re-entry. One of these returning fairgoers was a man named DeeJay Vargas.

I heard a bang, I didn’t know it was a shooting. But we just seen hundreds of people bum rushing each other, stampeding,” Vargas said. “It was chaotic, everyone screaming, babies crying.”

The fair opened later than usual on Sunday, with doors opening at 2 p.m. Milton Whitley, a funnel cake vendor with 33 years of experience at the fair, expressed his hope that the shooting incident wouldn’t discourage people from coming to enjoy the remaining festivities at the fair.

“Let’s finish the fair strong,” he told WFAA. “Let’s not let one incident take away the joy and pleasure that fairgoers have enjoyed for so many years.”

Do you have any idea about these incident happens few days ago:

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